Deliverable: Shipping Software for NetSuite

Automate Shipping in Netsuite

Deliverable is a cloud-based shipping app that enables shippers to automate their shipping operations in Netsuite

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    Import Orders from Netsuite
    Automatically import orders from Netsuite. Connecting your Netsuite account takes 10 seconds. Once orders are imported the available service types are automatically pre-loaded for each order along with the cost and days to deliver.
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    Book Shipments for 45+ carriers
    Once the shipment is booked you can automatically print the label to your thermal printer. Automate everything; for instance if you use Uber for same day deliveries in New York, UPS Ground for Domestic and FedEx Priority Overnight for Europe packages over 5LBs, that's fine!
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    Upload Tracking, send alerts
    Tracking updates and refreshed every hours, which means you can automatically send branded tracking emails to your customers. They are also uploaded back up to Netsuite meaning your sales and support reps never have to leave Netsuite.

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